Description of Program

The Program for the Study of Immigration and Mental Health (PSIMH) was established in 1997 by Joseph D. Hovey, Ph.D., at The Department of Psychology, The University of Toledo.  In 2014, Dr. Hovey moved The PSIMH to The Department of Psychology at The University of Texas-Pan American, where he is Professor and Chair. The PSIMH is primarily devoted to the study of mental health-related issues among immigrant-ethnic groups, refugees from other countries, and other acculturating individuals. We are committed to the generation, dissemination, and application of knowledge related to the mental health of immigrants, refugees, and other acculturating individuals.

In addition to our culturally-based research, our lab examines little-studied areas in the field of psychopathology research, especially in the areas of measure development, stress, resilience, anxiety, and suicide behaviors.
For copies of select publications and to see examples of ongoing studies, please click on the appropriate links on the left sidebar.
Current Graduate Students
Clinical Psychology Ph.D. students who currently work with Dr. Hovey include Gabriela Hurtado, Michelle Roley, and Aubrey Dueweke. Please click on the Students link on the left sidebar to view their biographical sketches and vitae.
If you are interested in working as a student in the PSIMH lab, please email Dr. Hovey. Feel free to attach your vita to your email inquiry. Dr. Hovey will then get back to you with recommendations on whether he believes you should apply to our program.

Research Collaboration
We are open to the possibility of collaborating with other individuals and organizations on future research projects--both national and international in scope. If you have any ideas for collaboration that you would like to discuss, we invite you to contact us. We are more than happy to toss about research ideas, whether these are fully formed or not.
Contact Information
For further information about the program, please email its director, Joseph D. Hovey, Ph.D., at, call the PSIMH office at (956) 278-0673, or email the PSIMH staff at
Program for the Study of Immigration & Mental Health
The Department of Psychology
The University of Texas-Pan American
Edinburg, TX 78539